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Jade Ang Jackman


Augment your imagination by joining our free course with Facebook Spark AR

With an exciting new course brought to you by Facebook Spark AR, you can learn to create your own filters in seven hours via this innovative partnership

Got pandemic-induced boredom from staring at your own face over calls, Zoom, or selfies? No worries, we’ve gotcha. Over the next month, we’re launching a free program with our friends over at Facebook Spark AR to encourage you to learn how to make your own augmented reality effects and filters. Through this bespoke course, it has never been easier for first-time creators to make their own effects. All you need is seven hours and plenty of imagination!

More than ever, filters and effects have become an integral part of campaigns. Whatever creative pursuit you might specialize in, the use of a Spark AR filter can increase engagement to your project by forty percent. At Reality.House, we want to demystify the digital so that all creatives feel empowered to make the most of the tools at their fingertips. Seriously, trust us, this is a super practical course designed to enable beginners to produce their first AR effect. Once you have the basics down, you’ll realize it isn’t as hard as it looks.

To inspire and engage you further, we are curating interviews with Spark AR creators and makers. While we are still relatively confined to our homes and normal activities are somewhat restricted, there couldn’t be a better time to learn how to augment your environment. To further the hype around your new skills, Reality.House will be hosting an open brief alongside Talenthouse - you’ll be able to upload your AR effects and share your creations. As we want to give you further space to create and innovate, we will also be giving 10 creators who submit their work after completing the course a $500 award. This opportunity will run until Friday 28th May. 

Check out the timetable below for what’s coming up over the next 3 weeks:

Want to get a head start? Watch our Speedy Sparks series. These are short 3-6 minute tutorials from Spark AR Creator; Ant Hagan.

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