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From 2D to 3D - meet the creators taking the plunge with Facebook Spark AR

We follow fashion photographer, Phillips Raheem, and illustrator Holly Simple as they complete the super quick Facebook Spark AR beginners course and create their first AR effects.

Augmented reality seems to be the buzzword on everybody's lips at the moment but also can seem like a distant and daunting art form if you've never dabbled with this newish tech before. We asked two creators who'd never used AR creation tools, to have a go at Facebook Spark AR's seven-hour initial training program that takes you from complete beginner to completing your first effect in just seven hours.

The brave mavericks? Holly Simple, an illustrator from Philly, and Phillip Raheem from London. Take a look at how they got on, we think they made this look easy!

We know our community is packed with people ready to simply transfer the skills you have over into augmented reality. Feeling inspired? Go, go, go!!

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