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Fun football filters for the Euros and beyond

Don’t feel like cracking out the flags or the face-paint? These football-themed augmented reality effects might be the ones for you.

Football filters aren’t just a thing of the Euros despite them being a fun way to watch them! Back in 2015, it became popular for fans and players alike to share celebratory selfies. One particularly famous one is Andre-Pierre Gignac’s tattooed arm inspired by his move of placing it in front of his face after winning a goal. As fans have often painted their face in their team colors, augmented reality filters seem like the ideal digital counterpart to live alongside this sporting trend.


In a gamified fashion, you can nod your head to engage with the movement of the ball. Designed by Liam O Studio, this effect feels more interactive and inspired by the game itself than most other filters. The piece was created to celebrate the launch of END clothing x Adidas x Neighbourhood Face clothing drop.


Designed by digitally savvy Arno Partissmo, this filter allows you to wear the flag of various countries across your hair and cheeks with pride. This definitely is the one to load up before you go watch an international game or your favorite country scores a goal.


Last year, Pepsi developed a cutting-edge series of effects for its 2020 international football campaign to celebrate its ongoing partnership with the UEFA Champions League. Emerging from a Pepsi logo - that looks like a brightly colored vortex - four of the world’s top players pop up. Fans can interact with household names such as Messi, Salah, Sterling, and Pogba.


If you don’t mind looking embarrassing on the back of the bus, the Samsung 2018 AR keepy-uppy game might be for you. True, you have to nod your head to keep the virtual ball in the air, which might not bode well in public spaces, but you can challenge your friends to have a go too!


In December 2020, Lionel Messi did what was once unthinkable - he broke the record for the most goals scored for a single club when he hit his 644th ball to the back of the net for FC Barcelona in their game against Real Valladolid. At a charity auction, these celebrated boots were sold by the famed auction house, Christie’s. In April of this year, they were sold, but Christie’s designed an AR filter game based on the image of the shoes, which fans can still play!

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